Security, identification, traceability & utility products

Tyden Group
Company Overview

Manufacturer of single use cargo seals, utility meter products and accessories and product marking equipment, which ensure greater security for the transportation of goods throughout the global supply chain.

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November 2009


Atlanta, GA


Current Investment

Add–On Investments Completed

E.J. Brooks logo

E.J. Brooks: Provider of security seals and metering related products

Stoffel Seals logo

Stoffel Seals: Manufacturer of customizable, high quality security and traceability products serving diverse end-markets

Add–On Acquisition Interests

  • Marine cargo seal and non-cargo (cash transfer, evidence, aerospace) indicative seal providers
  • Gas utility products (seals, rings, locks) and electric utility socket & meter adapter manufacturers
  • Low – medium power laser marking equipment manufacturers, laser machining businesses
  • Other broadly defined providers of safety & security products that protect goods & services