As a transaction partner, we have a demonstrated, differentiated approach to the investment process

Why Bertram Capital for Intermediaries

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We Close With Certainty:

Bertram Capital has a dedicated debt facility and is not dependent on third-party financing, positioning the firm to close transactions with a high degree of certainty.

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We Close Quickly:

We have the ability to close within 30 days of LOI.

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We Act Like Strategic Buyers:

Our buy and build approach, anchored by Bertram Labs, lends itself to fuller platform valuations because our returns are generated through targeted growth initiatives, technology enablement and operational excellence, not financial engineering.

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We Don’t Re–trade:

All platform transactions completed to date have been at or above our initial indication of value.

Deal Referral Program

Bertram Capital highly values our buy-side deal referral relationships. We welcome deal referrals from any individual or entity, including, but not limited to financial intermediaries, business brokers, and professional service providers. Bertram Capital will pay above-market referral fees for introductions to proprietary deal opportunities that result in a transaction. For more information on our referral program, please contact the Business Development Team.

We have distinguished ourselves in the private equity community by successfully combining venture capital operating methodologies with private equity financial discipline to enable middle market companies to become market leaders.

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Case Studies

Spireon background image Business Services

Case Study: Spireon

Bertram Capital employed The Bertram Capital High 5sm to build a leading provider of vehicle analytics and telematics solutions to the automotive and commercial transportation sectors.

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Case Study: Paula's Choice

Bertram Capital employed The Bertram Capital High 5sm to build a unique content-driven ecommerce platform offering innovative skin care and cosmetics.

EDI background image Industrial

Case Study: EDI

Bertram Capital employed The Bertram Capital High 5sm to build a highly engineered manufacturer of plastic processing equipment